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Shipping: Due to flight costs raising 33% and Gas raising 44% we have had to raise the delivery fee. Still lower than most. Delivery fee will be $ 550 and puppy will be delivered by flight nanny or by driving delivery whichever we determine to work best for the specific delivery.

This litter is in Tennessee

Zelda F1 Sable Bernedoodle

Dale Merle Standard Poodle AKC

F1b Berne doodle

Born 2/14/2022

Valentines Day Bernedoodles!



Coat Type: wavey Neither parent in this breeding shed. This is an f1b litter 75% poodle unlikely to shed, allergy friendly **However, as with any doodle: they can be low to moderate shedders and many are allergy friendly. Allergy sufferers are always encouraged to choose a puppy with a curly coat. Straighter coats are more prone to shedding and Curlier coats are less prone.
Size: averaging between 55-70 pounds

**Included with the perfect puppy is:

Embark Health tested Parents

3 year genetic guarantee see here...
Vaccines (2-NeoPar, 1-distemper)

Puppies de-wormed on Schedule
Our Doodle Family FaceBook Page

Unlimited Support throughout the lifetime of your puppy.

Yearly Doodle Party -hosted by Maggies Doodles
--Plus our go home bag: scented blanket, 2 bowls, bag of dog food, a leash and collar, poop bag holder and bags, toys, ziplock bag of puppy food, a bag of training treats

Puppies are Discounted to $250 for this litter.

Payments can be made through:

Facebook Messenger Pay 


**Payment Button provided is Square Pay: credit cards, debit cards

Thanks so much to all of you currently on the list and welcome to our doodle family! If you have not yet joined our Facebook page please do so

Puppy Picks   Female Deposit List


Puppy Picks  Male Deposit List



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Male spot 5.


Male spot 8. 

Call 731-607-5241

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