What will be in my puppies go home bag?

scented blanket

2 bowls, a food scoop

gallon size bag of dog food Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Food

a leash and collar

poop bag holder & bags  

puppy pads & wipes (for car ride home)

2-3 toys, a chew

a doggy brush

a tooth brush and tooth paste

a folder of information

a bag of training treats and a clicker


Puppy Supplies:
​   ~ Crate with a removable divider (we recommend MidWest brand 36” to 42” size)
   ~ Puppy Play Pen (NorthStates “MyPet” play yard or MidWest)
   ~ Food Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Lamb and Rice sold on Chewy.com
   ~ Food/Water Dishes (Stainless Steel highly recommended)
Optional: Slow Feeder or Water Dishes available on Amazon if your puppy is eating or drinking too fast. If you free feed as we recommend we find these completely unnecessary.
   ~ Collar (Size 10-14 inches depending on your puppy!)
   ~ I.D. Tag  (We recommend to have “Microchipped” somewhere on the tag)
   ~ Leash (NON-Retractable, please) 
   ~ Harness (TrueLove brand, Ruffwear, Rabbitgoo & Voyager are among the top brands)
​   ~ Furminator Comb
   ~ Bells for your door (for your puppy to communicate with you when he/she need to use the potty outside)
   ~ Ear Cleaner- Witch Hazel- clean ears weekly
   ~ Shampoo

      Rinse with apple cider Vinegar
   ~ Toys: "Kong", Nylabone & All time Favorite “Happy Moppy”
  ~ Snuggle Puppy (SmartPetLove Brand on Amazon)
   ~ Chews: Bully Sticks, Deer antlers and pig's hooves
   ~ Treats  American Journey  Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Training Bits Dog Treats, 4-oz 
   ~ Child safety Gates/ Pet containment Gates
   ~ Dog Bed: *Kuranda or K9 Ballistics Indestructible beds   
   ~ Pooper Scooper (for your yard)
Extras for Goldendoodles:
   ~ Clippers Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal/Dog Grooming, AGC2 (23280) (can be found on Amazon.com)
   ~ Spray bottle (for misting coat prior to grooming)
  ~ Child Safety scissors (for grooming around the eyes)

Extra Supplies that everyone may need:
   ~ Bedding and Pet Bed cover
   ~ Toy Bin
   ~ Latex Gloves
   ~ Bitter Apple Spray (to deter destructive chewing)
   ~ Non-Stick floor matt (for underneath food/water dishes)
   ~ Nature's Miracle Spray Cleaner
​   ~ Clorox/Lysol Cleaning Wipes
Transporting your Puppy:
PLEASE Remember not to allow your puppy to touch any surface that another dog has touched, that you DO NOT KNOW the vaccination history of.  (Parvo virus is highly contagious and is your puppy's greatest risk.) 

Short Distance Driving Transport (Less than Three hours)
​    ~ Travel crate or Laundry Basket
    ~ Puppy pads 
    ~ Garbage bags
    ~ Old towels/paper towels
    ~ Hand Sanitizer
    ~ Clorox wipes (for your vehicle ~ just in case!)

Long Distance Driving Transport (Three hours or more)
​​    ~ Travel crate/Carrier
    ~ Travel bag (for supplies)
    ~ Puppy pads 
    ~ Garbage bags
    ~ Old towels/paper towels
    ~ Hand Sanitizer
    ~ Clorox wipes (for your vehicle ~ just in case!)
    ~ Collapsible Water & Food dishes
    ~ Bottled water

We offer flight nanny shipping $400 from Boise Idaho to an airport near you. We also meet at Boise Airport if you'd like to fly in. Will meet on weekdays only!

Airline Travel:
​​    ~ Airline Approved Soft-sided Travel Carrier (my preference is "Sherpa")
 (Be sure that you check on the exact dimensions the airline requires, prior to purchase)
    ~ Contact airline and get puppy added to your ticket as carry on.
    ~ Puppy pads 
    ~ Garbage bags
    ~ Old towels/paper towels
    ~ Hand Sanitizer
    ~ Clorox wipes
    ~ Collapsible Water & Food dishes
    ~ Bottle of water

Please remember to:
​   ~ Set up your puppy's Veterinary Examination with your Veterinarian
      (We recommend doing this several weeks ahead of time)
  ~ Order your puppy's bag of dog food so it is delivered prior to puppies arrival.
  ~ Research Pet Insurance to see if it is a good fit for you, to continue after the first complimentary month. will have 30 days Trupanion insurance provided.
   ~ Register your puppy's Microchip (After your puppy comes home with you)
   ~ Obtain Lifetime Licensing form (from your court house or Vet's office)


Highlights of Going Home:

Do not change puppies food or give treats for the first week of adjusting. Puppies are under stress leaving their mama and siblings and effects each puppy differently. Not changing or adding food helps puppy.  If puppy gets loose stool after leaving that is normal for some puppies under stress. Get a large can of  100 % pure pumpkin and store in Tupperware in refrigerator offer puppy 1 tablespoon 3 times a day until gone. Pumpkin adds fiber, helps with inflammation and is very healthy.


*** When adding in treats do it modestly think of it as giving your child candy. When switching dog food, please consider a large breed puppy food for minimum of 12 months but if youd like to switch to a new food—switching should go slowly.

Dog Food Change -- if you would like to change dog food please follow this guide in switching:

75/25 for 3 days then if Good (no loose stool)

50/50 for three days then if Good (no loose stool)  

75/25 for three days then if Good (no loose stool)

100% new food *** at any point they get loose poo go back to the mix you were just doing and hold it for three more days then try again

  1. Puppy is teething like a baby freeze ice cubes 50/50 with low sodium broth offer as a treat. Put puppy toys in a zip lock and freeze and alternate giving back puppy the frozen cold toys throughout the day.

  2. Starting off on the right foot potty training: 1st 2-3 days at home  puppy should be on a leash with you when not in a kennel. Puppy is currently doggy door trained and has not had an accident in the house in weeks. Your new home they have no idea how to get out or how to tell you they need out. We recommend using Potty bells. Keeping them with you on a leash when they are not in their crate will stop accidents before they start. Take puppy out every two hours during the day to the exact same spot outside EXACTLY, a place out of human traffic, someplace you want them to choose long term. Bring them there say “potty or whatever”, absolutely no playing-- business only!! Praise them when they do the deed. Remove them from the area before playing. Puppy should be taken out when sniffing the ground, circling, whimpering, barking, after waking up, within 15 minutes of eating and drinking.

  3. Worming your puppy is important, one of the very best things you can do for the health of your puppy. Follow the worming schedule ---Buy the safeguard wormer for goats it is Fenbendazole exact same as Panacur C just much cheaper!


8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks- Safeguard liquid wormer for goats (fenbendazole) bought at feed supply store for 7 days. Basically, a week off between dosing.



Troncil Plus or Drontal Plus at 6 months, 12 months. Then twice a year for lifetime.

There are many different wormers, trick here, is make sure it contains praziquantel. I recommend worming with Troncil Plus which is generic Drontal.

  1. Puppy has been on a vaccination schedule we have given their first shots of  NeoPar and Neo Vac Da2 so puppy has the best foundation for going home. We stop where we do in our vaccination schedule to prevent OVER vaccination. When taking puppy home they are ready for their next shots from Your Vet. Your Vet will offer a 5 way or 6 way which is multiple vaccines at once. We encourage you to complete the puppy vaccine schedule and please try to be as on time with the vaccines and wormings as possible! Please be sparing with the quantity of vaccines given at one time. If you do the 5 way wait between that and the next vaccines. Research vaccines before giving them to your puppy to make an informed choice. Some things they want to vaccinate against will merely make your puppy ill say for example kennel cough but the side effects of certain vaccines could be very bad. Some dogs have allergies and run reactions to vaccine while others show no symptoms. Lepto vaccine is one we choose not to do because so many dogs have reacted to this vaccine. Do your research make informed choices. We vaccinate against those that kill--Parvo and Distemper. Wait until puppy is 6 months old for the Rabies vaccine and make sure puppy only receives rabies by itself on that day. Rabies is a very strong Vaccine.


Avoid multi dog areas until puppy is fully vaccinated and then wait two weeks after puppy receives final puppy vaccine series. No dog parks! No public places!