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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions puppy buyers ask us. 

How can I trust you with a deposit and know I am not being scammed?

First these are not our first litters we have a history and commitment to our puppies all the way back to our first litters. We keep in touch with families through our doodle family facebook page Maggies Doodle Puppies | Facebook this page was created to keep in contact and every Maggies Magnificent Mondays our doodle family post upwards of 100 photos of our Maggies doodles puppies.... Thats like getting a 100 good reviews every week especially when you look and see how many of those owners have two or more dogs from us that they are sharing. New puppies to old time friends. We have lots of reviews on our home page. Home Page  We also would be happy to do a quick facetime with you to prove we have puppies. Check us out we would love to add you to our doodle family.    

What size of dogs do you offer?

Most of our litters are standard size and average 55#.

Any litter with Moyen Boaz or Small standard Raiden- could be smaller sized.

The little Reds- Scarlet, Chaos, Ruby are around 25# they carry our smallest size puppies

Do you deliver puppies? 

Yes and is included FREE in full puppy fee of $1000

How does reserving a puppy work?

Reserving a puppy requires both Questionnaire and deposit payment, then we add your name to the list. Deposits vary by breed and are non refundable. Deposits can be moved to any other litter including future litters for up to 2 years, we understand things come up. It freezes our puppy price.

Do you dock tails?

We love the desired look of the doodle with the large fan tail, although we have had some request to dock them at this time we do not.

Do You remove Dew claws?

No. We do not.

Do you offer extended training? 

We start our puppies on the Super puppy program, introduce them to new sights and sounds, offer doggy door training... along with litter pan. Most go home potty trained.

Do you hold puppies past go home date?

Our go home dates are pretty flexible. We will keep puppy 1 week past puppy pick weekend after that we charge $100/week boarding.

Will I need to groom my puppy?

Yes all our breeds need regular grooming. Doodles have two coats and it is very important to make sure the under coat is brushed daily to avoid matting which can result in your puppy having to be shaved down.

If you can brush regularly and enjoy your puppy in a shaggy coat you can get by with a full grooming every 8-10 weeks, if you can’t commit to regular brushing at home you should have your puppy groomed every 6-8 weeks.

We keep our coats pretty short and have them cut short every 3 months.

What kind of food will my puppy be eating?

Valu-Pak Black Bag no corn, no wheat, no soy and no gluten 

Will my puppy be on hard or soft food?

Hard food but we still completely soak their morning meal in hot water and feed after it reaches slightly warmer than room temperature. Since we free feed dry food is left out the remainder of the day. While potty training we take food away at 7pm for the night.

What vaccinations will my puppy have?

Vaccines 2-NeoPar (5 weeks and 7 weeks) , 1-distemper (6 weeks) we choose neopar and neovac da2 they are single antigen more expensive vaccines but they cross the maternal barrier, and provide solid early protection against Parvo and Distemper. We stop where we do because some Vets dont like to count our vaccines so when you take your puppy to their first Vet appointment they are ready to go with their 5 ways and will not end up over vaccinated.

Will my puppy be wormed?

Worming Schedule

Pyrantel Pamoate dosage (0.5 ml per lb dog weight) at 2 weeks 

Safeguard dosage (1cc/5lbs dog weight) at 4 weeks (for 3 days), 6 weeks (for 7 days),

Toltrazuril 5% dosage (0.10cc/lb)  7 weeks for 3 days

Will my Puppy need wormed after going home?

Yes please follow our worming schedule to give your puppy the absolute best start. You will continue the worming schedule and offer Fenbendazole Safeguard liquid wormer at 8, 10, 12, 16 weeks of age (a week break between worming), and Drontal plus 1 tablet every 6 months for the lifetime of your pet. Please offer a probiotic following wormings.

What health testing have the parents had done?

We use Embark DNA testing. Test for genetic health conditions relevant to breed, 190+ genetic mutations.

Do you allow visits?

We allow families to come to our home only on puppy pick day but we do not allow visits prior. The risk these visits can be to puppies in our nursery that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated and even the puppies that have started their vaccinations is way too high. Families could unknowingly bring something in and protecting our puppies health is top priority and a promise to our families that are waiting to bring their new fur baby home.

When can we expect puppy pictures?

We do group pictures at birth and individual pictures at 4 weeks and we try to add weekly videos and pictures, .

Are deposits refundable?

All deposits made toward the purchase of a puppy are non-refundable. Deposit does freeze the price of puppy of same breed. We do allow families to transfer their deposit to another litter at any time including future litters up to 2 years after deposit, after that time deposit is forfeited. 

Do you allow breeding rights?

Yes we do offer breeding rights and is $250 more per puppy.

Do you require a Spay/Neuter Contract?

Yes, if you do not purchase breeding rights we have a spay neuter contract. 

Spay / Neuter – This puppy is being sold as pet only, unless purchasing breeding rights. Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by 12 months of age. Proof of spay/neuter must be in writing by a licensed veterinarian. Failure to comply will be considered breach of the contract and the health guarantee will be void. Buyer agrees to pay a $5,000 to breeder for contract breach, and all court costs and attorney fees, if found to have bred puppy, intentionally or accidentally. All contract disputes will be handled in the County of Hardin, State of Tennesse

Highlights of Going Home:

Do not change puppies food or give treats for the first week of adjusting. Puppies are under stress leaving their mama and siblings and effects each puppy differently. Not changing or adding food helps puppy.  If puppy gets loose stool after leaving that is normal for some puppies under stress. Get a large can of  100 % pure pumpkin and store in Tupperware in refrigerator offer puppy 1 tablespoon 3 times a day until gone. Pumpkin adds fiber, helps with inflammation and is very healthy.


*** When adding in treats do it modestly think of it as giving your child candy. When switching dog food, please consider a large breed puppy food for minimum of 12 months but if youd like to switch to a new food—switching should go slowly.

Dog Food Change -- if you would like to change dog food please follow this guide in switching:

75/25 for 3 days then if Good (no loose stool)

50/50 for three days then if Good (no loose stool)  

75/25 for three days then if Good (no loose stool)

100% new food *** at any point they get loose poo go back to the mix you were just doing and hold it for three more days then try again

  1. Puppy is teething like a baby freeze ice cubes 50/50 with low sodium broth offer as a treat. Put puppy toys in a zip lock and freeze and alternate giving back puppy the frozen cold toys throughout the day.

  2. Starting off on the right foot potty training: 1st 2-3 days at home  puppy should be on a leash with you when not in a kennel. Puppy is currently doggy door trained and has not had an accident in the house in weeks. Your new home they have no idea how to get out or how to tell you they need out. We recommend using Potty bells. Keeping them with you on a leash when they are not in their crate will stop accidents before they start. Take puppy out every two hours during the day to the exact same spot outside EXACTLY, a place out of human traffic, someplace you want them to choose long term. Bring them there say “potty or whatever”, absolutely no playing-- business only!! Praise them when they do the deed. Remove them from the area before playing. Puppy should be taken out when sniffing the ground, circling, whimpering, barking, after waking up, within 15 minutes of eating and drinking.

  3. Worming your puppy is important, one of the very best things you can do for the health of your puppy. Follow the worming schedule ---Buy the safeguard wormer for goats it is Fenbendazole exact same as Panacur C just much cheaper!


8 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks- Safeguard liquid wormer for goats (fenbendazole) bought at feed supply store for 7 days. Basically, a week off between dosing.



Troncil Plus or Drontal Plus at 6 months, 12 months. Then twice a year for lifetime.

There are many different wormers, trick here, is make sure it contains praziquantel. I recommend worming with Troncil Plus which is generic Drontal.

  1. Puppy has been on a vaccination schedule we have given their first shots of  NeoPar and Neo Vac Da2 so puppy has the best foundation for going home. We stop where we do in our vaccination schedule to prevent OVER vaccination. When taking puppy home they are ready for their next shots from Your Vet. Your Vet will offer a 5 way or 6 way which is multiple vaccines at once. We encourage you to complete the puppy vaccine schedule and please try to be as on time with the vaccines and wormings as possible! Please be sparing with the quantity of vaccines given at one time. If you do the 5 way wait between that and the next vaccines. Research vaccines before giving them to your puppy to make an informed choice. Some things they want to vaccinate against will merely make your puppy ill say for example kennel cough but the side effects of certain vaccines could be very bad. Some dogs have allergies and run reactions to vaccine while others show no symptoms. Lepto vaccine is one we choose not to do because so many dogs have reacted to this vaccine. Do your research make informed choices. We vaccinate against those that kill--Parvo and Distemper. Wait until puppy is 6 months old for the Rabies vaccine and make sure puppy only receives rabies by itself on that day. Rabies is a very strong Vaccine.


Avoid multi dog areas until puppy is fully vaccinated and then wait two weeks after puppy receives final puppy vaccine series. No dog parks! No public places!

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