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We have several proven sires we offer: 

Zander black & white parti poodle standard CKC- featured above he is our original sire

O'Malley red & white parti f1b goldendoodle

Paul f1b standard CKC  bernedoodle

Raiden f1 small standard CKC goldendoodle

Two Options:

Contracts for both:

#1 Stud service is $600 we can bring the sire to you for 3 ties if you are local. $600 is paid upfront BEFORE first tie. If you are a distance away we offer boarding 1 week with sire. (We use to offer a 3 live whelped puppy guarantee-WE NO LONGER- offer that as folks are then tempted to hide puppies). NOW: have your Vet confirm-- NO pregnancy within week of due date and we will offer rebreed, $600 is nonrefundable.

#2 If we know you or are comfortable with you-- an option we may consider together is a Pick of Litter: We can bring the sire to you for 3 ties or she can board with sire at our location for 1 week either way we ask $100 deposit upfront to cover the upfront cost of gas, our time and boarding, when we receive our pick of the litter the $100 will be refunded you. If no litter is confirmed by a Vet we keep the $100 for our costs--no rebreed is offered in this instance.

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